Home Buying Process Infographic


Overview of the Home Buying Process

Our job is to make progressing through this complex process simple and straightforward.  We strive to provide an overview of the coming stages, but not burden you prematurely with distracting detail.  We always make sure you have the information needed to make each choice in the most advantageous sequence.


"1. Assessing Your Budget"

  • Meet with a real estate professional who can explain the process and the advantages and disadvantages of buying versus not buying.  Result: Buyer Brokerage Agreement
  • Meet with a loan officer online, on the phone, or in person to determine your buying power. Result: Pre-Approval Letter
Home Buyers Guide

"2. Shopping"

  • Buyers and agent search available property listings.  Agent obtains showing codes and permissions. Result: Candidate Listings
  • Buyers and agent visit home taking Brochures and Notes. Catch all the important details every time you view a home using one of our incredibly observant, experienced showing agents.

"3. Offers and Counter-offers" - Here's where you want an Experienced Realty Contract Negotiation Expert 

  • Agent prepares and presents offers at buyers direction. Negotiation may occur. Result: Ratified Contract.

"4. Inspections, Loan Preparation, HOA Resale Package Review, Move Planning"

  • Buyers complete the loan application process yielding a Loan Commitment Letter
  • Buyers and agent conduct negotiated inspections yielding Inspection Reports
  • Buyers receive and review any applicable Homeowners Association (HOA) or condominium resale packages yielding Resale Disclosure Documents.
  • Buyers order utilities on into their name for the day of closing. 
  • Buyers plan their move.

"5. Walkthrough and Closing"

  • Buyers and agent conduct a pre-closing Walk Through Inspection to verify condition of the property just before closing.
  • Buyers and sellers and their agents meet at the Settlement Company's offices and execute the closing documents. 
  • Buyers get the keys and are free to proceed with moving in.