REOs, Short Sales & Investors

Local Real Estate Experts

We have unparalleled experience helping owner occupants and investors buy distressed property.

We have handled over 150 REO sales for around 20 different asset management companies employed by the nation's major and minor loan servicers.

We assist the clients of a prominent local bankruptcy attorney in selling their homes via short sale when such a sale empowers them to successfully reorganize their financial situation.

We have also handled sales for estates and for those experiencing changes in marital situations.

We regularly work with multiple local investors. Some are flippers. Some are landlords. Some are both.  All are successful. We are very careful when evaluating the opportunity to work with a new investor client because we need to ensure that expectations on both sides of the relationship are reasonable.  

We love to work with those who add real value to real estate.

At any point in time we typically have a number of REOs in eviction and/or other prelisting states, plus a number listed or under contract. We also have around 6-12 short sale seller transactions and 1-4 investor transactions in flight at any point in time.

We can help many, but not all, value-oriented buyers accomplish their objectives.