Zillow Reviews


"Jim is the #1 agent in Prince William County.  I use him for every one of my buys and sells in my flipping business."

                                                                     Buyer and Seller Ana U., Heart of the Home, Kitchens by Ana


"Mr. Jim is our agent whenever we buy or sell whether for our own house or in our flipping or landlord businesses."

                                                                     Buyer and Seller Rosario A. NBS Pro LLC, NBS LLC


"You are the best Realtor (r) we've ever had."

                                                                     Seller Todd R.


"I've sold 4 homes with you and I'm working on buying my next one now."

                                                                     Buyer and Seller Rami A.


"Your are my hero, you know that." 

                                                                     Successful Short Seller M.Q.


"Why would anyone not use you.  I have dealt with hundreds of realtors in the DC area over the last 10 to 12 years and to be honest with you – you and my good friend *** are the only two worth anything.  From the standpoint of knowledge, honesty, responsiveness and pure professionalism you two are top notch.  I wish folks would listen to me when I tell them that.  They get stupid things into their heads or they hear from a friend or relative to use their person because they were fun to work with or were good to them and then they find out it wasn’t really the truth when something comes up in the transaction.  It is frustrating Jim but I will keep preaching for you."

                                                                Buyer and Loan Officer Eric Bumgardner, Fidelity Lionbank, 703-928-1204.